At Olé Barcelona, we take pride not only in teaching Spanish but also in contributing to the community’s well-being and environmental care. We are thrilled to share some special news: we have obtained the Socially Responsible ELE School Certificate granted by FEDELE!

We believe that commitment to the environment is essential. We have implemented responsible corporate measures that reflect our dedication to sustainability. From recycling practices to the use of reusable materials to reduce plastic consumption, every action counts. Our goal is not only to teach Spanish but also to raise awareness among our students about the importance of these practices.

Social responsibility is a fundamental pillar in our school. We take pride in participating in various social initiatives that positively impact our local community. We strive to be a school that goes beyond the classroom.

We don’t just stop at corporate measures. We teach our students the importance of social and environmental responsibility. Through special educational programs, we aim to inspire the next generation of Spanish speakers to be conscious and committed citizens.

This accreditation would not be possible without the support of our incredible community, students, staff, and FEDELE. We are grateful for every step we have taken together towards a more sustainable and socially conscious future.

At Olé Barcelona, we are committed to positive change. Accreditation as a Responsible School is a significant milestone, but it’s only the beginning. We will continue to strive to be a role model in Spanish teaching and the promotion of responsible practices. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.”